I know my sausages!

Another day has flown by in Germany and I cannot believe I am heading home in the morning. Today we drove up and down both sides of the Rhine River from Ingelheim to Koblenz. The original plan was to take a ferry on the actual river but since it was so cold, we decided to stick to a tour by car. As you drive along, you go through many villages that each have their own special castles and cathedrals. We got out to look at certain sights but there is so much to see, there is no way to stop at every one before nighttime. That is another thing about this area during November, it gets very dark by five o’clock so we had a lot to fit in before it got too hard to see!

I have never seen castles like these before and I find it so interesting how there are so many in such a short span. First, they were heavily used though the Middle Ages but most were destroyed since and then restored during other regimes.


One of the castles (you can get married here!)

One of my favorite towns we went through was Bacharach. It was had such cute buildings and shops.


In love.

Our final destination was Koblenz, a big city like Mainz, at the end of the river. In Germany all shops are closed on Sundays except for a few special days. Luckily for us, there was a festival in Koblenz today so people were walking the streets and some shops were open. The main sight in the city is the Deutshe Eck, a HUGE monument that was one of the biggest statues I have ever seen.


Look how small we are in comparison to the statue!

We then went up a hill to an old fort that gave us a view of the entire city.


The Rhine River and Koblenz

On the other side of the river, we stopped in Rudesheimer for dinner. Earlier I saw a sausage cart that smelt wonderful and got me to thinking about Brautwurst and other sausages that I had eaten yet in Germany. Although I think Jennifer and Jana wanted pizza, I spoke my mind when asked and said I would like to have sausage (and sauerkraut) before I returned back to patatas bravas and tortilla overload in Spain. We ended up choosing one of the only two restaurants open in Rudesheimer that happened to have Brautwurst and pizza to please all involved.

When my food arrived, I was a bit put off by the puny size and unappetizing appearance of the two sausages on my plate but starting to eat without a complaint. For those who know me, I will eat pretty much anything but am very critical when it comes to good and bad food. I took a bite and although it tasted just about as good as it looked, I decided to continue eating it because it was still edible. After all, I am just an American girl, who I am to tell the German’s they served me a bad sausage?

But then, I gave Brigitte some of my sausage to try and that is when the tables turned. She started muttering in German with a disgusted look on her face and told me to stop eating (as a piece of sausage with sauerkraut was heading right for my mouth). Quicker than you can say “Gesundheit,” the waiter was at our table taking my plate away and I resorted to eating slices of Jana’s ham and mushroom pizza…

After our subpar meal we needed to cross back to the other side of the river and so took an auto-ferry to the other side. It was such a strange feeling going across a river on a boat while in a car that is turned off. Read that sentence again and try to imagine it. Really weird but I can now say that I was on the Rhine!

We then headed up a windy road that took us to a top of a hill overlooking Ingelsheim where Nicolai works at a restaurant. There we had cheese pretzels, homemade juice, and something new- hot wine that tasted like a hot cherry cider. It was made with cherry wine from cherries the restaurant owner grew himself, cinnamon, and something else that was untranslatable in English. It did just the job to warm me up and tasted so yummy too.

I leave tomorrow successfully addicted to water with gas, German gummy bears and homemade raspberry jam. This weekend has seriously flown by and I really hope that I can come back again with my family soon. Although my relatives here were so hospitable and welcoming, I think it would be an even better vacation with my grandma and grandpa along for the ride to make it that much more special.


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