Grand Voyage to Ikea.

La Mallorquina is a Madrid staple located in the heart of Sol. It serves the best chocolate napolitana’s in the country and is always bustling with people. When I heard that my British friend James had never tried one of these amazing pastries, I immediately forced him to go with me after our class last Tuesday. More than pleased with his purchase (it is literally the best way to spend 1 Euro in Madrid) he decided that, in return,  he would take me to Ikea the next week for lunch. Yes, that Ikea.

I have always heard of Ikea but never been to an actual store since they are not around in Miami or Colorado. I was actually talking about the store earlier this month with my friend from Duke who was appalled that I had never had their meatballs.

So me and James made a trek to the nearest Ikea that took a little over an hour to get to after we left class today. The mall it is located in was well worth the trip, less alone the chance to experience my very first Ikea store. It was pretty much located in the middle of no where in what looks like to be a developing area. But the mall, called La Gavia, was amazing and had just about every single store imaginable and felt both clean and modern. We only spent time in the Ikea store but whenever I get the shopping bug, I am definitely going back here!

I was starving by the time we got there, so we bought a very cheap but delicious lunch that was accompanied with Lingonberry juice which is apparently a Swedish specialty. Although Ikea is apparently famous for it’s meatballs (I learned that it serves 40,319,365 individual meatballs a year!), I was not intrigued and instead got some sort of salmon wrap and a drink for only 2.50! What a deal.

James referred to Ikea as “Sweden’s best import” and informed me that his entire house, as well as every other house located in England, is outfitted in items solely from Ikea. I loved wandering the store and could not help but wish that I had an Ikea near me to outfit my future room and home!

I am now proud to say that I have experienced Ikea and now have a catalog placed by my bedside, just like James said everyone in Britain does!



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