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December Begins!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, leading us right into the last month of the year, DECEMBER! Reflecting on the new month this morning, I realized that there is lots going on…

1. For starters, it is my last month as a teenager. While most of my friends have already been in their twenties for a year (if not longer) already, I have been ceaselessly stuck with the label as a “teenager.” In reality, I’m kind of sad about it, my teenage years were great and it’s crazy thinking that I will soon be entering a whole new decade and be a twenty-something come January 1st!

2. December is the month of the advent calendar! While in Europe, I have seen some amazing Advent Calendars (see my post on Germany for the Kinder one!)  I have not bought mine because I did not realize how quickly December was approaching but you can bet that by the end of the day I will have one in my possession and I cannot WAIT.

3. I’m abono-less. Abono’s are essentially our metro passes for the month. Since I only have two and half weeks left and will be spending about 5 days in Vienna, it does not make sense for me to pay the full price for a new unlimited metro pass for December. What does that mean? Well basically I will be living off the 10=trip tickets but knowing me, I will be reluctant to buy these and thus, walking as much as possible!

4. Maybe that walking will be a good thing though because my gym membership is also up!

5. I have my final Eurotrip to Vienna and while I am there we are going to Salzburg!

6. Then, it is home for the holidays on the 19th! Although I have loved my time here, I am definitely starting to get antsy to return to Colorado and then head back to Miami!

So there you have it. I do not doubt these next three weeks are going to fly by as quick as the past three months have!


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